Finance for Directors – 1 Day

Do you truly understand the construction of the financial statements and the compelling narrative they unfold about your organisation’s financial well-being?


This course will give you the confidence of being able to assess how a company, your company, is doing financially.


Crafted exclusively for non-finance directors and senior managers, this one-day course will help unpuzzle the world of finance, giving you sound understanding of a whole range of financial concepts and skills.


On this course you will learn how to question your annual accounts with confidence.

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As a director, it’s almost a given that you’ll know what is happening financially in your organisation. To be able to read financial statements and ask the right questions. To know what is going on and, more importantly, to spot where things don’t look quite right.


This course will give you the confidence of being able to assess how a company, your company, is doing financially by looking at such things like: monthly reports, annual reports etc.

Course outline:

  • The breakdown of financial statements and what they are saying
  • How to read financial statements
  • Financial ratios – what’s healthy; what’s not
  • The financial and commercial responsibilities of a director at this level
  • What information is required by directors at this level
  • Using financial information to make better decisions that drive the business forward
  • Financial levers and decision-making
  • The relationship between finance and corporate strategies
  • The importance of liquidity

In addition to the above, and to help solidify the learning, you will be given a case study of a company to complete in your own time.

Finance courses, redefined

So, are you able to scrutinise the annual accounts to see what they contain? Are you able to read the monthly financial reports that come out and are you able to inform how you can make them better?


This one-day course contains all that you need to know about the fundamentals and is delivered in a way that is both easy-to-grasp and dare we say it, interesting.

Zahoor is an excellent teacher and communicator and makes a dry subject very interesting.

Keiron P – Head of Ops, Strategy & Transformation

We cover all finance fields

Zahoor Bargir is a qualified accountant who has trained and worked at a ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm. He has been a consultant for many organisations; leading teams at start-up level, right up to companies in the FTSE 100.


He has a unique talent in making things simple and specialises in training non-Finance professionals on the wonders of Finance. Zahoor is an accomplished finance trainer and is also a mentor to many aspiring young finance professionals and entrepreneurs.

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