As a director, it’s almost a given that you’ll know what is happening financially in your organisation. To be able to read financial statements and ask the right questions. To know what is going on and, more importantly, to spot where things don’t look quite right.

So, are you able to scrutinise the annual accounts to see what they contain?

Are you able to read the monthly financial reports that come out and are you able to inform how you can make them better?

This course will give you the confidence of being able to assess how a company, your company, is doing financially by looking at such things like: monthly reports, annual reports etc.

Some of the things we’ll cover on the course include:

• Terms and definitions
• Being able to read financial statements and their story
• Using financial ratios to look at company performance
• Using financial information to make better decisions
• The commercial and financial responsibilities of directors
• Assessing and managing financial and business risk

This one-day course contains all that you need to know about the fundamentals and is delivered in a way that is both easy-to-grasp and dare we say it, interesting.

Here are what some of the past delegates have to say about the course:


“Zahoor is an excellent teacher and communicator and makes a dry subject very interesting”
Matthew I, CEO

“Zahoor is a great Finance trainer. He gets you to think about what you are learning and helps you to learn with understanding such that it sticks. He also teaches in a fun way and ensure everyone is carried along”
Aderonke A, Deputy Head of Banking

“Aside from his obvious real-world knowledge and passion for the subject, his teaching style and overall manner really help engage you in the subject… The course was one of the best I have been on and that was largely down to Zahoor”
Keiron P, Head of Ops, Strategy & Transformation

Duration: 1 Day