This one-day finance training session is great if you have quite a few members of staff who want to know the very basics of Finance. We cover the basics of finance that will increase your breadth of knowledge and have you feeling confident about how to read/use the financial information available and that it isn’t quite as complex as many are led to believe.

Whilst in a day we can only skim through a subject that is as deep as it is wide, you’ll still come away feeling confident knowing you’ve understood the key frameworks and tools that are covered.

We also deliver bitesize half-day sessions if time is an issue. Although from experience, delegates usually find themselves wanting more as the half-day merely flies by.

Topics for the day include the following:

  • - Profit and Loss Account
  • - Balance Sheet
  • - Cashflow
  • - Budgeting/Forecasting
  • - Managing Accruals
  • - Looking at Costing methods
  • - … Other topics not listed here…

The session looks at the components of each topic and how they relate to each other.

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Duration: 1 Day