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I cannot recommend Zahoor enough and would encourage others to take advantage of his services; I did a one-day session with him and he certainly makes finance and budgeting fun! Zahoor is a great communicator, sets sessions at a realistic pace, gives the opportunity to ask questions and is very concise in his answers. I came away with so much from our session which will make me look at finance in a whole new way – most importantly, he achieves the end goal of making you understand. Thanks again Zahoor, I really enjoyed the day and appreciate all of your help

Mitchell B
Compliance Manager – Phoenix Community Housing

“I received quite a lot of feedback following last week’s Finance module with Zahoor. 

It is all really positive and it seems that Zahoor made, what many think is a boring, tedious subject, really interesting and insightful. Apparently Zahoor was seen to be a ‘natural’ trainer, clearly well versed in his topic, but with a very effective delivery style. The course was enjoyed by all and they all have taken something away with them and have a much fuller knowledge of how the finance part of the business works. They didn’t seem to mind doing a bit extra in their own time either.

Very impressive thank you.”

R Clair
Learning & Development – Coniston Ltd

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of learning from Zahoor on a two-day “Finance for Non-Finance Managers” course. Zahoor’s knowledge of the subject was first class. As a result of his time in the finance sector, he was able to use numerous real-world examples that helped bring the subject to life and embed the learning.

Aside from his obvious real-world knowledge and passion for the subject, his teaching style and overall manner really helped engage you in the subject. Zahoor fostered participation and discussion among the delegate group, which helped cement the knowledge. He was more than happy to provide additional support during breaks and went as far as answering questions that arose once I was back at work. The course was one of the best I have been on and that was largely down to Zahoor.

It is also worth checking out his book “Unpuzzling Finance” – it complements the course well, breaking down the 3 main financial statements of P&L, balance sheet and cash flow into simple-to-understand principles.”

Kieran P
Transformation Director – BT Plc

“Zahoor has extensive industry knowledge which he is able to contextualise extremely well; This consistently makes his training and workshop delivery fun, enlightening and memorable.”

Edward Demosthenos
Management Mentor and IQA – ITEC

“I went on Zahoor’s 1-day finance training and came away knowing more than what I expected I would know from the session.

It was very well planned out and interactive so I did not lose interest on what before this session I would have thought was a very boring and complicated subject. I am very pleased that I decided to attend the course and would highly recommend others to go on it.”

T O’Grady
Head Of Procurement and Building Management services – Urban Partnership Group

“Thank you Zahoor for the fantastic 2 day Financial training session you led.
It was engaging, the topics were relevant, and you made a complicated subject easy to understand. You have a passion for financing that is evident, and because of this it was a real pleasure to engage with you, even challenge you on certain points – the conversation was open and you made (I’m sure) everyone in the group feel comfortable.

Despite finances sometimes being a ‘boring’ subject, you got me excited about the work.
This training stands out from other (also successful) trainings I have had in the past.”

Lukasz Gorbaszewicz
Engagement Management Lead – Fujitsu