Our two-day budgeting course is for anyone who wants to go further than just the basics of budgeting. On this course you’ll get to explore the financial statements as well as be able to look into budgeting in more depth.

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to budgeting and helps to know the basics of finance to be able to put budgeting into context. Do you know the difference between financial and management accounting? Or why certain things are in the budget and other things aren’t? And if transactions aren’t in the budget, then where are they?

Some of the things we’ll cover on the course include:

• Basic terminology everyone should be aware of
• Fundamentals of finance and budgets
• Differences between financial and management accounting
• What is budgeting?
• What is forecasting?
• How to build and track a budget
• Accruals and prepayments
• Capital and operational budgets and their differences
• When to use averages and other tools for budgeting
• Good practice that will ensure you stay on top and out of the overwhelm

This course will increase your confidence when it comes to budgeting and you’ll gain a very good insight as to why in finance we do things, the way we do.
Here are some of the things people have been saying about our two-day budgeting course:


“Many thanks again Zahoor. You made the course very enjoyable and interesting – no mean feat!”
Marie C – VS (Charity)

“Hands on - knowledgable instructor. Kept engaged the whole two days even online!”
Leanne P (Transport Co)

“Great course with a lot of details. Very interesting and engaging”
Joanne H (Restaurant Group)

Duration: 2 Days